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Thursday, 18 November 2004
Page: 5

Senator BARTLETT (Leader of the Australian Democrats) (9:40 AM) —At the request of Senator Stott Despoja, I move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the briefing provided to the United Nations Security Council by the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Sudan on 4 November 2004, indicating that `the Sudanese Government made no progress last month in either stopping militia attacks against civilians in Darfur, disarming those armed groups or prosecuting the individuals responsible for the worst atrocities',

(ii) there are now approximately 1.45 million internally displaced persons within Sudan and the number of Sudanese refugees in Chad has risen to 200 000,

(iii) there have been fresh reports of attacks against internally displaced persons in the Darfur region,

(iv) UNICEF has reported that armed militias continue to rape women and girls in the Darfur region with impunity, including numerous reports of gang rapes,

(v) the suffering of those affected by the conflict is being prolonged, and the death toll is rising, as a result of international inaction,

(vi) the Secretary-General of the United Nations has called on all Member States to provide urgent and generous support to the African Union to enable it to expand its mission in Sudan, and

(vii) the Security Council has proposed to meet in Nairobi on 18 and 19 November 2004, at which time it will discuss the crisis in Darfur;

(b) welcomes the signing of humanitarian and security accords between the Sudanese Government and rebels on 10 November 2004;

(c) acknowledges the Australian Government's provision of $20 million in humanitarian assistance to Sudan and its offer to assist the African Union mission by providing the use of two C-l30 Hercules transport aircraft;

(d) calls on the Australian Government to:

(i) as a matter of urgency, provide additional, generous support to help facilitate the expansion of the African Union mission, and

(ii) make immediate representations to Security Council members, prior to the meeting in Nairobi, regarding the need for urgent action to prevent further loss of life and suffering within Sudan and neighbouring Chad; and

(e) calls on the Sudanese Government to take immediate action to disarm militia groups, prevent further attacks against civilians, and prosecute the perpetrators of atrocities.

Question agreed to.