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Wednesday, 17 November 2004
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To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled

The Petition of the undersigned shows:

That the undersigned note that like anti-personnel landmines, anti-vehicle mines are indiscriminate in who they effect, that they disproportionately kill and maim civilians, they delay relief efforts in war af-fected countries and they go on killing for decades after the conflict has ended. We note that Australia's existing stock of anti-vehicle mines is obsolete and only used for training purposes, so now is the perfect time to commit to supporting a ban on these indiscriminate weapons. We welcome the Australian Government's support for further restrictions on the use of anti-vehicle mines, but believe such measures to be inadequate to address the humanitarian problems caused by anti-vehicle mines.

Your Petitioners ask that the Senate should:

Legislate a ban on the production, transfer, importation and use of anti-vehicle mines in Australia and by Australians other than by the Australian Defence Forces for training in demining and avoiding the hazards of anti-vehicle mines; and

Pass a motion supporting the development of an international treaty that would ban the production, transfer, importation and use of anti-vehicle mines globally.

by The President (from 53 citizens).