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Tuesday, 16 November 2004
Page: 55

Senator Brown asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, upon notice, on 1 August 2003:

With reference to the answer to question on notice no. 1370 concerning the northern peninsula of Research Bay, Tasmania, in which it was stated that `sites are currently being assessed by the Tasmanian Heritage Council':

(1) Is the Minister aware that the Tasmanian Heritage Council has resolved that `the onus of providing information which would be considered in establishing significance was a matter for the nominator(s) and accordingly it [the Heritage Council] would not be carrying out any further research'.

(2) Given the potential and international significance of the area, does the Minister consider it adequate for an assessment by the Tasmanian Heritage Council to rely on the efforts of volunteer members of the community.

(3) In relation to the assessment and protection of the northern peninsula of Research Bay: (a) what communication has the Commonwealth had with the Tasmanian Government, Gunns Pty Ltd and the owners of relevant land; and (b) can details be provided of correspondence and meetings, including the parties involved, dates and the matters discussed.

Senator Ian Campbell (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

(1) Yes.

(2) An assessment for the Tasmanian Heritage Register is a matter for the Tasmanian Government.

(3) Details to the end of August 2003 are in the attached table:


Type of communication/event


Matters discussed

Jan-March 2003

Phone calls and emails

Dept of the Environment and Heritage (DEH) & Australian Heritage Commission (AHC) to Tasmanian Heritage Office (THO), RFA Tas Private Forest Reserve Program, Tas Forest Practices Board, Tas Parks Service

Information requests



AHC to Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet

Tas RFA required referral of Register of the National Estate nomination


Meeting convened by THO in Hobart

The Chair of Tasmanian Heritage Council (THC), the owners David and Robert Vernon, Director of Parks, Chair of Forest Practices Board, Triabunna Manager of Gunns P/L, French Consul in Tasmania, AHC Executive Director, Conservation Program Manager of Bush Heritage Trust.

An information sharing exercise between the parties to discuss each party's issues, including heritage.



Environment Australia to owners

Information on relationship between their operations and the EPBC Act 1999 in the context of possible impacts on the nearby Tas Wilderness WHA.

12 & 13/5/03

Ph call


Information requests


cc letter

THC to National Trust of Australia (Tas) cc AHC

Advice on THC process - onus on nominator to provide further information


Mtg in NW Tas

Minister for Fisheries, Forests and Conservation with Executive Chairman, Gunns P/L

Not privy to matters discussed but Recherche Bay issue not in briefing provided.




Copy of Prof DJ Mulvaney paper on Recherche Bay issue presented to National Cultural Heritage Forum meeting 2/6/03


Mtg in Sydney

AHC with THC Chairman

Status of THC process


Ph call

AHC to Tas Forest Practices Board & THO

Information requests