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Monday, 19 March 2018
Page: 1391

Senator HANSON (Queensland) (14:09): by leave—To the families and communities who have been caught in the grip of this firestorm that has destroyed or damaged up to 88 homes and 42 sheds across two states, Australia is with you. If Victoria and New South Wales have proven one thing over the years, it is that your emergency service personnel in the fire brigades and Country Fire Authority have always put the safety of your communities first. I thank every one of you who have had sleepless nights defending life and property. Equally I say thank you for the preparation and training you all put in over your weekends to ensure the safety of your home states. To each of the farmers who have lost livestock, particularly around Cobden and Terang, I expect you to get every bit of help and assistance from my colleagues in this house to get back on your feet. My One Nation colleague, Senator Brian Burston, will be here for his New South Wales constituents, especially those in Tathra. It is not the first bushfire this country has had and it won't be the last. In this house we need to achieve agreement that those affected get our absolute support.