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Thursday, 13 September 2018
Page: 39

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) ( 13:31 ): I was told by a very wise person that , if you're ever asked to open the Leongatha daffodil festival, you've made it. Well, I've made it! I was asked to open the Leongatha daffodil festival. As I addressed the room filled with fantastic daffodils and amazing presentations, I told them the story that , if I was ever asked to open the daffodil festival, I'd made it. A woman shouted out from the floor, 'It was Jeff Kennett who told you that.' Then I thought about what happened to Jeff Kennett just after he opened the daffodil festival, which wasn't very comforting for me . The daffodil festival drivers are Sandra MacDonald, the president of the Leongatha Horticultural Society; Sue Thompson, the daffodil fe stival secretary; and Maureen Masterman, also with the Leongatha Horticultural Society.

I don't make light of this, because it's such an explosive pageant of colour, talent, breeding and all the sorts of amazing things that people do with horticulture in this country. And the daffodil is a symbol to me of com ing home. Thank you. I made it.