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Thursday, 10 May 2018
Page: 3708


Mr BURKE (Watson) (14:30): My question is to the Treasurer. Given the Treasurer refuses to provide the updated costing of his corporate tax cuts, will he at least say whether it's higher than the figure he stated last year? Is it $80 billion? Is it below $100 billion or above $100 billion? Are we getting warmer? Does he know whether it's an odd number or an even number? Does he have a clue about a figure that he could answer last year?

Mr MORRISON (CookTreasurer) (14:30): I can assure the member opposite that, when it comes to economic management, the Labor Party are as stone-cold as they come. They have not got any warmer in opposition than they were in government. When those opposite were in government, they recklessly spent. The thing about the Labor Party is this: when they're in government, it's always someone else's fault, despite the fact that they had $150-a-tonne iron ore prices and global growth running at high rates. It wasn't because of the Labor Party that the revenue fell out; it was always someone else's fault. But back in 2007, when the Liberal Party and the National Party were in government, the member for Lilley and others used to say, 'It's only going so well in the economy because they've got so terribly, terribly lucky.' And we've been hearing it from them again when we've been talking now about the stronger economy that has been built under this government. They're saying: 'It's all about what's happening overseas. They're all just getting so terribly, terribly lucky again.' Well, what I've noticed is that, every time the Australian people vote Liberal and National, they get a lot luckier; the economy gets a lot luckier. So, I've got one response: vote Liberal and National and get lucky!