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Thursday, 28 June 2018
Page: 6802

Mr LEESER (Berowra) (13:49): Back in March, I went to the Cherrybrook Movie under the Stars, a wonderful family event organised by the 1st Cherrybrook Scout Group, which is led by the omnipresent and hardworking Stephen Hunt, in my community. I met a remarkable young lady named Lilly Judge that day. Lilly is a proud member of the Scouts and she sold me a Starlight Children's Foundation badge as part of the Australian Scout Medallion award and asked me to come to presentation night. I told her I would go and I was impressed by her story. Lilly and the members of her scouting troupe designed the badge to have both the Starlight Foundation logo and Scouts logo and sold badges throughout the community to raise money. Lilly told me she and her troupe sold over 500 badges, including to a buyer from Canada, and raised over $2,000 for the Starlight Foundation. Scouts Australia awarded her with the Australian Scout Medallion and green cord. That presentation night took place at the Hornsby Heights Scout Hall, and I was honoured to be involved.

I also want to congratulate Mikaela Becchio, who is the granddaughter of Penny Becchio, one of the state scout leaders. She attained her medallion and green cord on the same night for having organised an amazing cake stall at Bunnings, getting grandmothers, mothers and fathers to bake cakes for them, and selling $1,250 worth of cakes, which is huge for a cake stall. The money is going to the Scouts to help them with their upcoming jamboree. Congratulations again to both Lilly and Mikaela as well as to their parents and grandparents, who I'm sure are very proud of these amazing Australian Scouts.