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Monday, 16 November 2009
Page: 11816

Debate resumed, on motion by Mr Ripoll:

That the House:

(1)   notes that:

(a)   building community infrastructure or improving community amenity has the potential to generate local jobs and increase skills and social capital;

(b)   investment in cycling is regarded as a cost effective way to increase mobility and physical activity levels, make recreation accessible and boost regional tourism; and

(c)   small shifts in transport modes to other forms, such as cycling, may provide substantial dividends and important benefits for the transport and freight sector and reduce congestion, increase efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

(2)   supports:

(a)   the Government’s National Bike Path Program and other programs which encourage people to take up cycling;

(b)   awareness programs, initiatives, organisations and individuals that promote cycling as a way of getting fitter, having some fun, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions; and

(c)   policies, projects and initiatives that deliver increased options for cycling infrastructure.