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Monday, 6 June 1994
Page: 1429

Mr LLOYD —My question is directed to the Acting Prime Minister. He will be aware that the tomato industry, in November 1991, lodged an application for the imposition of dumping and countervailing duties on canned tomatoes from Italy. He will also be aware that duties were finally imposed in April 1993, successfully appealed by the Italians in June 1993, and then successfully counterappealed by the Anti-Dumping Authority in February 1994. My question is: why has the government only reimposed duties back to February 1994, rather than June 1993, as this would be the correct procedure and as this failure to do so has condoned the significant tonnage of canned tomatoes imported in that seven-month period with a subsidy close to the total price received by Australian growers? Will the government reconsider this incorrect and bad decision?

Mr HOWE —Knowing the honourable member's deep and comprehensive knowledge of agriculture, in particular of the tomato industry, certainly I take his question seriously. It is one I will take up with the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy. I am sure that the minister can give the honourable member a very comprehensive answer.