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Thursday, 1 December 1983
Page: 3206

Mr CADMAN —by leave-The matter that the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence has examined, the extra-territorial application of the law of the United States, is right at the forefront in the clash of national interests. It has created tense and difficult situations where trading takes place between the the United States and its trading partners. Discussions have been held at heads of government level between the United States, the Australian Government and other governments, particularly those of the United Kingdom and Canada. I want to make only brief remarks in this regard because I believe an issue of this moment ought to be discussed by the chamber over a period in a free ranging debate so that honourable members can express their views at length and the political issues can be dealt with.

I am somewhat disappointed with the report following the brief analysis I have made of it. I look forward to reading it in detail. However, I notice the Committee called witnesses only from Australian government departments, one business organisation and two private citizens. I find that somewhat disappointing. There was no effort evidently by the Committee to contact foreign governments which have been involved and to seek a detailed and deep political understanding of the issues involved in the vexed problem of extraterritorial application of United States laws.