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Wednesday, 30 November 1983
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Question No. 629

Mr Lloyd asked the Minister for Communications, upon notice, on 13 October 1983 :

With regard to the State and Territory Advisory Councils of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (a) what is the procedure for appointing members, (b) how often and where will the councils meet, (c) what expenses will be paid to the members of each council, (d) what budgetary allocations have been provided for the operating costs of the various councils, (e) how were these estimated costs calculated and (f) who are the members of the councils and what are their qualifications for membership.

Mr Duffy —The answer to the honourable member's question, based on advice received from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is as follows:

(a) the ABC advertised in the press, on radio and television inviting applications from individuals and from organisations wishing to nominate individuals for membership of the State and Territory Advisory Councils. From these applications, the Board decided upon the Councils recently appointed.

(b) The State and Territory Advisory Councils will meet at least twice a year, normally in the State or Territory capital city.

(c) Where it is necessary for members to be absent from their homes overnight, travelling allowance at the rate of $85.00 per 24 hours will be paid. Any transport costs from the member's home involved in attending the meeting will be paid.

(d) An amount has been provided, based on carefully calculated costs of fares, accommodation and incidentals for an anticipated number of people from different areas, participating in a specified number of meetings in a financial year. However, this is subject to review.

(e) As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 had not been passed at the time the Estimates were prepared, and the requirements of the Act and resultant decisions of the ABC Board were therefore not known, a well-researched estimate was made, assuming that travel and accommodation would be involved for some members.

(f) Membership of the Councils, together with the pertinent qualifications of members, are as follows:

NORTHERN TERRITORY ADVISORY COUNCIL RAY PLIBERSEK, who is Legal Adviser to the Bureau of the Northern Land Council, has a BA (Honours) and a Bachelor of Laws Degree (Interim convenor).

MICHEAL DILLON (Alice Springs) is Manager-Administrator of the Central Land Council and has lived for six of the past 10 years in northern Australia including two years in a remote Aboriginal community. He has a Bachelor of Economics Degree.

JOHN MACUMBA (Alice Springs) was the founder of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association. During 1982 and 1983 he has been co-ordinator of the Northern Territory National Aboriginal Conference Secretariat.

JOHN KELLY was a National Employment Strategy for Aboriginals (NESA) trainee with the ABC in Darwin for a year. He then joined the office of Aboriginal Liaison, Department of the Chief Minister, where he works in video production. He also produces the weekly Aboriginal Hour program on Darwin's community radio station.

JOAN CARPENTER (Tennant Creek) is employed by the Department of Education as School/Community Liaison Officer in the Barkly Region. She is a member of the Barkly Isolated Children's Parent's Association.

CATHERINE WEBER, 23, (Alice Springs) is employed in the Salaries Section of the Northern Territory Department of Education. She was born and attended school in Alice Springs and is involved in sporting and community activities.

DAVID CARMENT, Director of the National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) has a BA (Honours) from the University of New South Wales and a PhD. in History from the Australian National University.

ROBYN O'TOOLE (Alice Springs) trained as a primary school teacher in Victoria and has lived in the Territory for 10 years. She is interested in the effect of radio and television on children, particularly on those in isolated areas.

HELEN GALTON is a physical education teacher who is active in sporting groups and parent associations.

ENZO FLORIANI, an accountant, is Chairman of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Alice Springs Committee Refugee Settlement Scheme. He is also active on other community affairs organisations.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ADVISORY COUNCIL BARBARA BIGGINS is Television Officer for the Australian Council for Children's Film and Television and since 1982 has been a member of the Children's Program Committee of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal. (Interim convenor).

DAVID HARDY, as a member of the Board of the Royal South Australian Deaf Society Inc, is conversant with deafness issues and the areas of technological development and television access for the hearing-impaired.

PETER WELLS (Mt Gambier) is a sheep and cattle farmer and President of the Elliottdale Sheep Breeders Society of Australia (SA and Victorian Branch), Secretary of the Mil-Lel Branch Agricultural Bureau of South Australia and a student at the South East Community College, School of Rural and Timber Studies.

MOLLY BRANNIGAN has a Bachelor of Education degree from Sturt Campus of the South Australian College of Advanced Education, a qualification she attained as a mature-age student. She represented the South Australian Government as a delegate to the non-government conference on International Women's Year held in Mexico City in 1975 and is at present employed as a teacher-librarian.

IAN WILLIAMS is active in many associations concerned with the welfare of the disabled. He lectures in universities and colleges and in 1981, International Year of Disabled Persons, took part in special seminars to promote understanding of the special problems of the disabled.

BARBARA KRAYEWSKA is a Master of Arts from Warsaw University and has a Diploma from the Sorbonne in Paris. She worked on Polish Radio and translated 42 films from French to Polish for Polish Television. She is Tutor in French at the University of Adelaide.

TIM DODD is a Chair of the Media Affairs Committee of the Students' Association , University of Adelaide, and writes a weekly science column for the student newspaper. He is studying for an honours degree in Mathematical Physics.

KATH BENTLEY lives in Morgan and is a committee member of the Waikerie-Morgan Community Development Board and the Riverland Regional Council for the Handicapped.

RICHARD COSTI, 23, is Head Teacher at Hesso Rural School, 65 kilometres north of Port Augusta. He is Secretary of the Hesso Progress Association and a member of the Port Augusta/Quorn Principal's Association.

JEAN BLACKBURN, Nominee, Department of Education & Youth Affairs. She was associated with the Karmel Report.

QUEENSLAND ADVISORY COUNCIL IAN WALLACE, now Principal of Richlands High School, has taught in schools throughout Queensland. He has close links with Aboriginal and multicultural communities and interests with sporting, historical and musical groups. (Interim convenor).

DAVID BAILEY is 19 and a first year student in Economics at the University of Queensland. He spends holidays in Darwin and the Northern Territory with his parents and feels concern for the needs of people in remote areas.

ELLIE GAFFNEY is a Torres Strait Islander (From Thursday Island) and a member of the Far North Queensland Regional Advisory Committee and Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Torres Strait Islander Media Association, which broadcasts in co-operation with the Townsville Aboriginal Media Association.

SANDRA FERGUSON (Southport) has written and researched for the ABC's Education Department and for commercial television. She wrote for the Bellbird series and devised the ABC-TV drama series Twenty Good Years.

DR DALE CRAIG has degrees in Music from Millikin University in Illinois, Cornell University in New York and Stanford University, and has studied musicology at the University of Pittsburgh and Chinese language at Stanford and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has taught, broadcast and written about music and has wide administrative experience.

RON TOOMBES is President of the Queensland Tape Service for the Print Handicapped and is a member of the Subscribers' Committee of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

DENZIL MILLS (Charleville) is a member of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association, the Australian Agricultural Economics Society and the United Graziers Association. She has been a Tutor in Farm Management at the University of Queensland and from 1972 to 1982 was employed as an Agricultural Economist with the Economic Services Branch of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.

RAYMOND MAXWELL is an Engineer working in an Australia-wide consulting practice serving local government, government and industrial organisations with design and contract management of development works such as bridges, gas pipelines and roads, bringing him into contact with many people at all levels of society.

CATHY BAUMAN (Dingo) is Chairperson of the Cattlemen's Union Rural Services Committee and an executive member of the Queensland Pastoral Industry Training Committee.

RUSSELL FRENCH (Cairns) is Director of the Australian Heritage Gallery in Cairns and a graduate in Architecture from the University of Melbourne. He has worked as a university teacher, environmental researcher, architectural lighting and acoustics consultant and an architect in private practice.

SHIREEN MALAMOO is Aboriginal Liaison Officer with the Department of Social Security in Townsville. She is especially interested in the promotion of Aboriginal and Islander culture and art, and is well known for her work with these communities.

W. D. KELLY of Mount Isa is active in community affairs and takes a keen interest in ABC Radio. He attended a meeting of the Dix Committee when it sat in Mount Isa. He has made submissions to ABC Townsville about their broadcasts to western Queensland.

NEW SOUTH WALES ADVISORY COUNCIL YVONNE PRESTON, nominated by the women's Electoral lobby, is a distinguished Sydney journalist, former correspondent to Peking for the Sydney Morning Herald, and an activist for women's rights. ( Interim convenor).

MARGARET McLEAN (Brewarrina) is a member of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association, part-time librarian and part-time interviewer with the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

DR W. L. BONNEY is co-author of Australia's Commercial Media and President- elect of the Australian Communications Association. He is closely associated with 2SER-FM.

MARY ROSE LIVERANI (Wollongong) is a Commonwealth Film censor who is also a journalist, author and teacher. She has wide connections in the ethnic communities and is an activist in an organisation working to put women into local government.

DR R. J. BAWDEN is Head of the School of Agriculture of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College and involved in a series of innovative approaches to learning.

EDITH WALLER is Secretary of the Friends of the ABC. She lives at Seaforth in Sydney.

BARBARA FLICK (Broken Hill) is Co-ordinator of the Western Aboriginal Legal Service, which operates in almost half of the state, Secretary of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council, and former member of the New South Wales Women's Advisory Council.

SARAH McLOUGHLIN is 24. She is deeply concerned about broadcasting philosophy, particularly about daytime television broadcasts and the community they serve.

MATTHEW STEPHENS is a 19 year-old second-year Arts student concerned that the national broadcaster should fulfill the needs of the youth of today.

GIAMPAOLO PERTOSI is a national graduate of the Australian Film and Television School, a member of the executive of the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW, Elected Councillor and Public Relations Director of the Dante Alighieri Society and has made several submissions regarding broadcasting and the arts.

DR BRIAN CONNOR is a training advisor with the Family Medicine Program of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and responsible for the rural health elective program of this College in New South Wales. He is involved with Armidale Community Radio (2ARM-FM) and Armidale community service organisations.

ROBYN WALLACE is a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Newcastle and a member of a number of conservation and community organisations in the Hunter River area.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA ADVISORY COUNCIL PETER NISBET is a Perth barrister and solicitor who assisted in the establishment of the Australian Legal Aid Office in Perth. He has been a presenter of music programs on the Perth Universities Radio Station 6UVS-FM and describes himself as a ''committed Australian''. ( Interim convenor).

TIRZA COHEN, Secretary of the Ethnic Broadcasting Committee of Western Australia has been involved in multi-cultural broadcasting for seven years. She is Secretary of the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia's ethnic and multicultural standing committee; a member of the Western Australia Institute of Technology's 6NR management committee; a member of the management committee of the Ethnic Communities Council; and Senior Vice-President of the Council of West Australian Jewry.

D. G. BURNSIDE is Officer in charge of the Department of Agriculture office in Kalgoorlie. He takes part in many rural community activities and has a particular interest in the broadcasting needs of people in the country and isolated communities.

THOMAS BABAN, a public servant in the Department of Social Security, was nominated by the Aboriginal Committee on Education in Western Australia. He is Chairman of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee of the Western Australian College of Advanced Education; Vice-President of the Intercultural Youth Exchange Support Group; and a member of several youth and community service groups.

BRENDA CONOCHIE of Darlington is Convenor of the Western Australian Teachers for Nuclear Disarmament Group and an active worker in the field of ''education for peace''. She is particularly concerned with the quality of television programs available for families, children and adolescents.

VIVIENNE CASS, nominated by the Western Australia branch of the Campaign Against Moral Persecution, is a Master of Psychology and studying for her PhD. She has acted as a consultant psychologist, lectured on sexuality and sexual therapy, and written and delivered several academic papers on aspects of homosexuality and lesbianism.

GREG BROTHERSON, formerly an airline pilot, is disabled by multiple sclerosis and was endorsed by the West Australian division of the Australian Council for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (ACROD). He is a director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia. He has completed a degree course at Murdoch University, and is a part-time tutor in the University's History Department.

ANNE WALLACE runs a small business from her home. A strong supporter of the ABC , she believes it should publicise its programs more. She made a submission to the Dix Committee.

DIANNE FORSYTH of Bryah Station, Meekatharra, was nominated by the Isolated Children's Parents' Association. The ICPA nomination says: ''. . . she represents the group of Australians who receive only the ABC's Radio 3 . . who look forward to receiving their first television service from the ABC via the proposed (Aussat) satellite . . .''.

ERIN BOON manages a property near Carnarvon and is especially interested in the broadcasting needs of country people.

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY ADVISORY COUNCIL SHIRLEY KRAL is Co-ordinator of the Continuing Education Program at the Centre for Continuing Education at the Australian National University, and a member of Narrabundah College Board. She has been a regular writer of suggestions, praise and criticism to the ABC. ( Interim convenor)

JOHN WOOD was nominated by the ACT Council of Social Service, of which he is an executive member. He is Chairman of Rupert Public Interest Movement Inc, and through this organisation has presented a number of papers on broadcasting matters to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal.

DAVID CRAIG is a public servant. He is a member of the executive committee of the United Nations Association of Australia (ACT Branch) and a member of the Australia-Japan Society and the Australian-American Association.

DAVID SWAIN is Senior Lecturer in Professional Writing at the Canberra College of Advanced Education. He is the author of six books and many articles, reviews and poems.

STEVEN GILFEDDER is Public Relations Manager of the Australian National Gallery . He has a background in journalism, arts administration and broadcasting. He is the author of several poems.

CAROLYN PENFOLD, who is studying for an Arts degree at the Australian National University, has worked in a wide variety of jobs in New South Wales and Queensland and is especially conscious of the broadcasting needs of young people .

MARY MARGRETTA SCULTHORP, a music teacher, is a former chairperson of the ACT Arts Council's music commitee. She has wide-ranging interest in education generally.

FRANK PANGALLO runs a small business and was formerly chairman of the N.S.W. Ethnic Affairs Commission. He is Deputy Lord Mayor of Queanbeyan, and was a founding member of the Multilingual Information Centre.

GAIL HASSALL has taken an active part in community organisations for 15 years. She is particularly interested in young people, children, education and the arts . She is an educator with the A.C.T. Family Planning Association.

DR CORAL BELL, a former professor of International Relations at the Australian National University, has had a wide-ranging academic career in Australia, Britain and the United States. She is the author of several books on international politics.

TASMANIAN ADVISORY COUNCIL ANN HUGHES, a widely experienced social worker, was nominated by the Tasmanian Council of Social Services. She is an executive committee member of the Council and has worked in government and non-government welfare organisations in the areas of unemployment, women's affairs, youth issues, ethnic affairs and the arts. (Interim convenor)

CAROL THOMPSON is Convenor of the Tasmanian branch of the Women's Education Coalition (AWEC) which is committed to attaining equality of opportunity for girls in schools and for women in education. She is Publications Officer for the Tasmanian Education Department, and is the author and editor of many articles, pamphlets and booklets on education.

FAIE WATSON of Burnie has indicated an informed awareness of any of the problems facing ABC program planners.

M. KLARENBEEK was nominated by the Municipal Council of King Island, of which he is Council Clerk. The Council made a strong case for having a representative of the Bass Strait Islands on the Tasmanian Advisory Council.

GORDON GOWARD, nominated by the Australian Association for Community Education, is National President of that organisation.

WILLIAM LUCK, of Launceston, was nominated by the Tasmanian Northern Regional Consumer Group. He is a deputy branch manager for the Tasmanian Government Insurance Office. He has wide interests in community affairs and is Secretary of the Australian Federation of Consumer Organisations.

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, aged 26, of Ulverstone, was nominated by the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania, of which he is State Vice-President. He is a farmer and a volunteer firefighter.

KAYLENE CHUNG is a teacher especially interested in children's television.

GINA SALIER of Gunns Plains, is keenly interested in public affairs, especially rural affairs. She is studying for an arts degree in literature and philosophy.

STELLA BUCHER was nominated by the Ethnic Communities' Council of Tasmania. She is also a member of the State Council of the Youth Hostels Association of Tasmania.

VICTORIA ADVISORY COUNCIL DAVID SCOTT is Chairman of the Victorian Government's Child Development and Family Services Council, Vice President (Asian Region) of the International Council of Social Welfare, and publisher of a magazine-founded by himself-titled Australian Society. (Interim convenor)

ANN VILLIERS, a member of the Women's Electoral Lobby for some years, is co- convenor of WEL (Victoria) Media Action Group and has taught psychology, behavioural studies and media studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

BETTY RANKIN is editor of the Monthly Diary of the Victorian Council for Children's Films and Television and Adviser on the preparation of several submissions to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal; and a member of the Advisory Committee on the Media of the National Council of Women.

JAMES CLARKE has wide experience as a journalist in Australia and overseas. A resident of Warrnambool, he is active in professional and community organisations and has been selected to join a 15-person Victorian delegation to participate in media seminars in The People's Republic of China.

LINDSAY McMILLAN is Manager of Rehabilitation Services with the Association for the Blind and Secretary of the Victorian Division of the Australian Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled (ACROD). He holds a Masters Degree in Special Education.

EVE FESL, Director of the Aboriginal Research Unit at Monash University, was previously Senior Tutor in Aboriginal Studies and Researcher into Aboriginal Linguistics. A BA with Honours in Linguistics, she is studying for her MA.

ESMOND CURNOW (Castlemaine) is a training officer with the Australian Trade Union Training Authority with involvement in sporting, youth and community groups.

LUIGI TARTAGLIA, a former Mayor of Broadmeadows, is well-known in ethnic communities.

GARNETT ZNIDARIC (Camperdown) is self-employed in a number of activities including part-time work for a regional television station. He is 27 and through his work has contact with a wide cross-section of the community.

ELIZABETH BOND a Commissioner with the Liquor Control Commission, worked in radio and television from 1964 to 1981. She has received the NSW Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Broadcasting Business and Economic Affairs, the Gold Citation United Nations Peace Award and attended the US Media Conference as guest of the US Government.

MARGARET ROBINS was nominated by the Committee of Aunty's Nieces and Nephews. This association made submissions to the Green Committee and to the Dix Enquiry into the ABC.

SONIA BORG is a screenwriter with extensive experience in television. Formerly senior screenwriter for Crawford Productions, she won acclaim with the series Women of the Sun which was shown on Channel 0.28 and ABC Television.