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Wednesday, 30 November 1983
Page: 3120

Question No. 587

Mr Blanchard asked the Minister representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 5 October 1983:

What amount was spent by the Minister's Department on mental health, as distinct from intellectual handicap, in each State in the areas of (a) research, (b) public education, (c) accommodation, (d) day activities, (e) sheltered workshops and (f) voluntary organisation projects such as crisis telephone services, in 1982-83.

Dr Blewett —The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

Under the Handicapped Persons Assistance Act, 1974 the majority of subsidised services are multi-diagnostic, that is, they provide services of training, activity therapy, sheltered employment and associated residential accommodation, holiday accommodation, recreation facilities and rehabilitation facilities for a variety of disabled people who are physically or mentally disabled. There is no provision under the Act for services which include only research activities or which are ancillary to the main services such as public education and crisis telephone services.

It is not possible to identify the proportion of funds expended solely in relation to mental health in those particular services. However, there is a small number of services subsidised under the legislation which caters specifically for people with psychiatric problems and/or drug and alcohol related disorders. The tables below outline the expenditure incurred on this latter group of services during 1982-83.


New South Wales

$ (b) Public Education 3,000 (c) Accommodation 196,355) (d) Day Activities 78 ,292) *

(e) Sheltered W/Shops 516,429

Total $794,076


$ (c) Accommodation 83,253 (e) Sheltered W/Shops 253,205

Total $336,458


$ (c) Accommodation 37,730 (d) Day Activities 21,861 (e) Sheltered W/shops 34 ,630

Total $94,221

South Australia

$ (e) Sheltered Workshops 38,410

Western Australia

$ (c) Accommodation 24,206) (d) Day Activities 24,206) *

Total $48,412



Northern Territory


Australian Capital Territory

$ (c) Accommodation 6,800 (d) Day Activities 90,818

Total $97,618

Total Australia

$ (b) Public Education 3,000 (c) Accommodation 348,344 (d) Day Activities 215 ,177 (e) Sheltered W/shops 842,674

Total $1,409,195

* Break up between expenditure on accommodation and day services in New South Wales and Western Australia are estimates only due to the existence of combined residential/day activity services oriented towards people with mental health disabilities in those States.