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Wednesday, 30 November 1983
Page: 3057

Mr SPEAKER —The Acting Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism has also indicated that he seeks indulgence to add to an answer to a question by the honourable member for Higgins. I grant that indulgence.

Mr COHEN —The honourable member for Higgins asked a question about an Italian film crew filming at Ayers Rock. Other film crews were mentioned in the question . We have to realise that in the case of these film crews we are often talking about what are major film productions. There were two examples recently. One crew wanted to land a car from a helicopter on the top of the Rock for an advertising film. That proposition was rejected. Another crew wanted us to keep all visitors away from the Rock for two days while a marathon was run up and down the Rock and filmed. When commercial crews want to make films on the Rock or in the vicinity they must make application to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. That is then cleared with the Pitjantjatjara Council or the Central Land Council and the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory. Once in the park the crew must inform the chief ranger who, interestingly enough, is part of the Northern Territory's Conservation Commission, and take out insurance for injuries to third parties. If an Aborigine is to be filmed or if filming is to be in a private house permission must be sought.

Italian film crews are frequent visitors. This year there have been some 20 to 30 applications for film crews from different countries to make major documentaries or films on the Rock. The present crew is going through normal application procedures. The film crew mentioned by the honourable member for Higgins gave only very short notice and the Aboriginal people have not yet cleared it for filming at Ayers Rock. However, the crew has permission to film at Kakadu and it is envisaged that the crew will stop at Ayers Rock on the way back. Let me make the point that the present Government is following to the letter the procedures laid down by the previous Government. The honourable member for Darling Downs nods his head. This is exactly the procedure his Government brought in and we are following its magnificent example.

Mr Shipton —Mr Speaker, I raise a point of order. Mr Speaker, I thank you for your indulgence and I thank the Minister-

Mr SPEAKER —No, you raised a point of order. I want to know what the point of order is.

Mr Shipton —My point of order is that the Minister has not answered my question.

Mr SPEAKER —That is not a point of order.