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Tuesday, 15 November 1983
Page: 2748

Question No. 609

Mr Drummond asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 11 October 1983:

(1) How many taxpayers have submitted returns to the Taxation Office under the prescribed payments scheme.

(2) How many of these are (a) paying (i) the full 25 per cent, (ii) 10 per cent , (iii) 9 per cent, (iv) 8 per cent, (v) 7 per cent, (vi) 6 per cent, (vii) 5 per cent, (viii) 4 per cent, (ix) 3 per cent, (x) 2 per cent, (xi) 1 per cent and (xii) nil and (b) have secured exemptions.

Mr Keating —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The first remittances for tax deducted from prescribed payments are only now due. Credit for tax deducted will be allowed in taxpayers' 1983-84 income tax assessments, the returns for which are not due to be lodged before 31 August 1984.

(2) The Commissioner of Taxation has advised me that in excess of 300,000 taxpayers who received prescribed payments (payees) will be affected by the system. Figures on the number of payees who are having tax deducted at the rates of 25 cents or 10 cents in the dollar are not available. However, analysis of the number of deduction variation and deduction exemption certificates issued to 14 October 1983 show:

(a) Deduction Variation Certificates

Number Rate of deduction


per cent

9 303 8 771 7 1,210 6 1,935 5 3,266 4 3,639 3 4,697 2 6,480 1 8,523 Nil 39,739


(b) Deduction exemption certificates have been issued to 21,735 payees.

The remaining payees will have deductions made at the 10 per cent or 25 per cent rates.