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Tuesday, 15 November 1983
Page: 2675

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives in Parliament, assembled. We, the undersigned officers and members of the order of the White Cross International, a humanitarian knighthood for the defence and protection of life and of residents of the Commonwealth of Australia by this our humble petition respectfully showeth:

That we, the undersigned petitioners voice our deep concern about intentions and preparations of the present Labor Government to turn the Commonwealth of Australia into a republic. That is to say, to abolish the sovereignty of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Queen of Australia.

That we believe, that Her Majesty's rule over the former colony has established and maintained stability, peace, harmony and law and order, blessings, which few countries in the world can claim these days and that the people of Australia should not be subjected to an adventurous future of a republic, particularly when there is no need for such a move other than some sort of ego-trip by a political party which believes in self-glorification and is unable to realise the most important link between the historical past and the envisaged future. America's power and habit to manhandle banana republics should be welknown by now and the Australian public would be ill advised to follow such a course of uncertainty.

His Excellency the Lord of Knights of the Order of the White Cross International, who is also a member of the Grand Council of the Confederation of Chivalry, a member of the Monarchist League and Knight Commander of 15 other sovereign Orders of Chivalry has rallied for the support and the moral defence of Her Majesty to take already now preventive measures of public information in order to avoid a situation of being faced with accomplished fact and the Soverign Humanitarian Mission State Aeterna Lucina, a Monarchie in principle, has as a whole assured Her Majesty of a wholehearted alliance in this matter as a friend and as a supporter of chivalric traditions, fair justice and protection of life and the underprivileged.

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that:

The honourable members of the House rejected any future moves which would lead to the establishment of a republic of Australia.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

by .