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Thursday, 10 November 1983
Page: 2621

Mr STEELE HALL(6.13) —I move:

(12) Clause 88, page 107, lines 26 and 27, omit paragraph (b).

Paragraph (b) extends ordinary voting across the whole division of a Federal electorate instead of confining it to subdivisions. Again this has been the subject of some lengthy discussion in various places. It has been discussed by the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform, and, I have no doubt, in the party rooms. The Opposition has decided that there is a risk of bad practice arising from the fact that electors can vote over the whole of the division, thereby voting outside the areas where they are known. Under present circumstances they are likely to be known because of their periodic visits to the polling booths and, in recent years, their quite frequent visits to the polling booths. I have moved this amendment on behalf of the Opposition simply to maintain the current situation of voting in sub divisions and the need for absentee provisions outside those sub- divisions.