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Wednesday, 9 November 1983
Page: 2539

Mr ADERMANN(7.29) —We have in the Commonwealth Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill a real mixed bag of issues. Some are acceptable and in the nature of sensible amendment. However, there are a number of proposals which I not only cannot support but also find totally objectionable. One amendment in particular, however, pleases me. Students of politics and history who have assiduously followed my speeches in this House over the years will have noted that I took my own Government very severely to task on one matter related to the previous Act and its administration. The Act provided that where a certain percentage of the seats-I think 25 or 30 per cent-in a State became malapportioned there may be a distribution. When I spoke in the last Parliament on this matter, almost 40 per cent of the Federal seats in Queensland were in that category.

Debate interrupted.