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Tuesday, 8 November 1983
Page: 2450

Question No. 500

Mr Lloyd asked the Minister for Transport, upon notice, on 13 September 1983:

What sum have each of the local government authorities in the electoral division of Murray received from the Commonwealth Government (a) in the various categories of the Australian bicentennial road development fund and (b) for other roads programs in each year since 1980 and what is the estimated sum for each year to 1988-89.

Mr Peter Morris —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The Commonwealth provides funds for roads to municipalities in Victoria through three sources

1. The Australian Bicentennial Road Development Trust Fund Act 1982

2. The Roads Grants Act 1981

3. The jobs on local roads (JOLOR) program as part of the community employment program (CEP).


Under ABRD programs funds are available to municipalities for construction works on Local Roads.

Estimated total entitlements to municipalities situated in the electoral division of Murray for the years 1982/83 to end of 1988 are shown below. These entitlements are based on an assumed total national expenditure of $2500m on all road categories over the same period.



1982-83 Municipalities in Murray Electorate

to 1988

$ Shire of Cobram 102,900 Shire of Cohuna 76,100 Shire of Deakin 200,600 Shire of East Loddon 126,600 City of Echuca 44,100 City of Euroa 187,200 Shire of Gordon 171,900 Shire of Goulbourn 78,400 Borough of Kerang 23,700 Shire of Kerang 225,200 Town of Kyabram 31,000 Shire of Natalia 161,300 Shire of Numurkah 156,400 Shire of Rochester 255,500 Shire of Rodney 195,600 City of Shepparton 115,100 Shire of Shepparton 176,100 Shire of Tungamah 157,900 Shire of Violet Town 129,500 Shire of Waranga 232,800 Shire of Wycheproof 215 ,700

Part of municipality in Murray Electorate

Under the ABRD program Rural Arterial projects are also required to be approved by me for funding. In the 1982/83 and 1983/84 ABRD Rural Arterial Roads programs two projects within this Electorate were approved

duplication in Shepparton of 1.3km of Goulburn Valley Highway at a cost of $800 ,000

construction of a bridge over Loddon River on the Bridgewater/Serpentine Road costing $800,000.

Roads Grants Act Program

Under the Roads Grants Act program, the allocations for works on Local Roads to each municipality in the Murray Electorate are shown below for the yars 1980-81 to 1983-84. Likely allocations beyond 1983-84 are not known.


Municipalities in Murray Electorate

1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84

$ $ $ $ Shire of Cobram 161,600 170,200 181,300 188,000 Shire of Cohuna 269, 580 249,830 288,280 310,870 Shire of Deakin 250,400 265,300 288,400 383,300 Shire of East Loddon 255,300 297,125 295,425 380,075 City of Echuca 53,000 56, 300 105,350 99,000 *City of Euroa 315,560 291,700 310,100 388,600 Shire of Gordon 296,000 308,500 365,300 404,300 *Shire of Goulburn 199,080 224,400 298, 200 342,900 Borough of Kerang 66,700 92,100 93,800 99,300 *Shire of Kerang 412,800 439,100 476,500 582,200 Town of Kyabram 34,600 29,100 42,300 40,600 Shire of Natalia 249,000 270,900 299,100 375,850 Shire of Numurkah 272,100 299,100 330,200 467,800 Shire of Rochester 346,990 356,750 398,150 393,250 Shire of Rodney 269,400 383,100 308,400 340,100 City of Shepparton 89,700 96, 900 98,200 105,600 *Shire of Shepparton 225,100 247,700 333,000 353,800 *Shire of Tungamah 302,200 301,400 224,400 263,700 *Shire of Violet Town 176,500 169, 100 178,700 215,400 *Shire of Waranga 244,000 269,400 292,100 340,500 *Shire of Wycheproof 245,300 420,135 457,650 535,710

Percentage Federal funds 63.2 64.5 61.8 53.7

*These allocations are comprised of Federal and State funds which are not separable by individual municipality. However, the overall percentage of these funds, on a Statewide basis, is as shown at the bottom the table.

* Part of municipality in Murray Electorate

Note: Municipalities also benefit significantly from Arterial Roads funds provided under the Roads Grants Act. However, as there is no requirement under this Act for Arterial Roads projects to be submitted for my approval, specific details of expenditure in particular municipalities in Murray Electorate cannot be determined.

JOLOR Program

The Commonwealth has also allocated $16.7m to Victoria for road works in 1983- 84 under the JOLOR program as part of the Community Employment Program (CEP).

Each municipality in Victoria will be allocated $26,670 as a base grant. The balance of $11.046m will be distributed for approved projects, determined on the basis of

established road needs

special regional employment needs

energy and economic savings offered by the proposed projects.