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Thursday, 3 November 1983
Page: 2265

Mr PEACOCK (Leader of the Opposition) —Thank you, Mr Speaker. Yesterday the honourable member for Sydney (Mr Baldwin) gave notice to this House that on the next day of sitting, which is today, he would move a motion that, among other things, deplores the actions of the United States in invading Grenada.

Mr Milton —Hear, hear!

Mr PEACOCK —The honourable member for La Trobe might join me in the point I am going to develop. Mr Speaker, your having granted me indulgence, I will not debate the merits or demerits of the matter, as we did yesterday. The point I raise is that the motion which the honourable member said he would move today has not been moved today. It does not appear on the Notice Paper under General Business. He has, in fact, withdrawn his notice. Of course, Standing Order 140 allows a member simply to go to the Clerk and have that notice withdrawn. Quite clearly, no obligation can be placed on the Clerk to give any explanation as to why a motion has been withdrawn. I ask that the Standing Orders Committee examine the situation where a member comes into this House, gives notice to the Parliament that at the next day of sitting he will move a motion and then, without any explanation to the Parliament, withdraws it. Mr Speaker, I seek your indulgence in having the matter considered as a matter to be placed before the Standing Orders Committee that Standing Order 140 be amended to require that where a member gives notice to this House that he will be moving a motion, if he withdraws it, the House is entitled to an explanation as to why it is withdrawn.

Mr SPEAKER —In response to the Leader of the Opposition, there are a number of matters before the Standing Orders Committee. We will consider the remarks he has made when the Committee meets.