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Thursday, 3 November 1983
Page: 2263

To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of residents of the State of Victoria respectfully showeth:

(1) that temporary salaried and full-time sessional teachers working for Adult Migrant Education Services are disadvantaged in status and security by lack of permanency and

(2) that this disadvantage is reflected in its effects on and implications for multicultural education.

(3) Victoria is particularly disadvantaged as with 30 per cent of national Adult Migrant Education Program it has only one permanent member of staff.

Your petitioners therefore pray that:

(1) This imbalance be redressed by providing realistic funding for permanency.

(2) Funding should be used to balance the present inequity of permanent positions throughout Australia.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

by .