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Thursday, 20 October 1983
Page: 2076

Mr CAMPBELL(10.18) —I wish to address a few words to the subject of integrity. I think that when addressing integrity one really needs to have a sense of history. The honourable member for Bennelong (Mr Howard) when addressing some Liberal Party convention homed in on the resignation of the honourable member for Port Adelaide (Mr Young) from the Ministry. The honourable member for Bennelong said that the Liberal Party would be outraged if the honourable member for Port Adelaide were returned to the Ministry. He waxed most eloquent about the traditions of the Westminster parliamentary system and talked a lot about integrity. Tonight I shall address a few words to this subject and to use the subject of hyprocrisy. It is obvious that this talking head is well versed in the latter but knows little about the former. The greatest assault ever on the Westminster parliamentary system was perpetrated by the Liberal Party in November 1975. In this crude grab for power, this band of constitutional thugs, of which the bandit from Bennelong was a prominent member- -

Mr SPEAKER —Order!

Mr CAMPBELL —Of which the honourable member for Bennelong was a prominent member , caused divisions and dissensions in the community that have still not healed. By their cynical action they institutionalised the concept of might is right. They endorsed the self-interest and greed which led to the proliferation of tax avoidance that has cost this country so dearly.

Let us look at the record of these paragons of virtue. Let us look at the integrity of this rag-tag rabble that is the Liberal-National Party coalition. The Hon. Ransley Victor Garland resigned from the Ministry in 1976 when he was arraigned in a Canberra court on charges of electoral bribery. The magistrate said that he was guilty but that the jury would not convict, so nothing further was done. Victor Garland promptly popped back into the Ministry only to have to resign again in 1980 when there were serious allegations of tax dodging. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Ransley Victor Garland was quite at home on the bottom of the harbour. What happened to Ransley Victor Garland? He was packed off to London to be our High Commissioner-one of the most gratuitous insults to Her Majesty that has ever been perpetrated by this Parliament.

Dr Charlesworth —And given a knighthood.

Mr CAMPBELL —Yes, an even further insult to Her Majesty. Let us look at Carpet McLeay. In 1981 he resigned from the Ministry just before the family business went into liquidation. His affairs had been arranged so that 80 small shareholders were legally defrauded. Sir Phillip Lynch resigned as Treasurer in 1977 when the Stumpy Gully land scandal broke in the Melbourne Press. Of course, it was not long before he snuck back into the Ministry, only to depart again in 1982 when he did not have the numbers to continue as Deputy Leader. There is no point in digging up the past of the right honourable member for New England (Mr Sinclair). It is well documented. As an undertaker, he would be all too familiar with the skeletons.

All told, 16 Ministers resigned from the Fraser Ministry, some of them on several occasions. The honourable member for Bennelong, however, managed to appear squeaky clean apart from the fact that he was Treasurer when the entire contents of the Budget were leaked. It was never truly determined whether he leaked them or whether it was the then Prime Minister. I would always be prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Let us have a good look at his record. While it is true that this ventriloquist's dummy for an outworn, outmoded, sterile economic philosophy simply lacks the imagination to be a crook and he is so dreadfully boring, nobody appears to have given his record any close scrutiny. This man of stature, perched on the knee of Liberal Party humbug , mouthing the platitudes of Liberal Party economic rhetoric, came to office at a time when the number of unemployed in this country was 265,567. When he left office the number of unemployed was around the half million mark-822,602. I have used Commonwealth Employment Service figures on both occasions.

This man of integrity, this honest John, lied to the Australian people. He told the Australian people that the deficit would be around $6 1/2 billion. It was much closer to $10 billion. When little Johnny clawed his way to power the current account deficit in this country was around $1 billion. When he left it was $9 billion. In other words, this country had purchased from overseas $9 billion more than it had sold. Noddy now has the audacity and the hypocrisy to come into this House and talk about hypocrisy. I say to the honourable member for Bennelong that the honourable member for Port Adelaide will rejoin the Cabinet ultimately because he is a man who has never lost touch with the aspirations of the ordinary people of Australia. These people are, collectively, the hope and real wealth of this country.