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Thursday, 20 October 1983
Page: 2075

Mr MILDREN(10.12) —Tonight I wish to refer to the very tragic news I received today of the death of Mr Raffaele Favero. He was a victim of the most unjust Russian occupation of Afghanistan. It is very difficult to find adequate comments to express my feelings regarding the death of Raffaele. He was killed in the process of filming the horrors of that war. Raffaele ventured behind the lines in that country on at least two other occasions following the Russian invasion. He loved Afghanistan and he loved its people. He spoke the local language fluently, having lived there for some time prior to the invasion. It was because of his love of the gallant Afghan people that he went to their country to record events on film so that their tragic story might be brought to the attention of the outside world. His earlier visits produced film which has helped to keep the tragic plight of these proud and fiercely independent people before the free world. Raffaele Favero was a truly international man. He was also an adventurous and restless spirit, a man who found the world to be of intense interest. He recognised the tremendous dangers in the tasks he undertook .

Raffaele, his wife Jill, and their children were based in Maryborough, in the electorate of Ballarat in Victoria. Raffaele at one time was a project officer attached to the community youth support scheme in that town, where his formidable, active and creative intelligence was used to enhance the lives of the young participants in the scheme. He was a person endowed with great sensitivity and an overwhelming awareness of the injustices perpetrated against the people of Afghanistan. I do not know the actual circumstances of his tragic death, but I do know that his love of the cause of the Mujihadeen was at the level of dedication that will be remembered by them always. I express my heartfelt sympathy to his widow Jill, and their children, and I know that they will recognise that those who die for the cause of liberty do not ultimately die in vain. Vale Raffaele Favero.