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Thursday, 20 October 1983
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Mr GOODLUCK(9.08) —It is good to see my colleagues in the House again . I am sorry that all my Tasmanian colleagues cannot be here tonight, but for various reasons they cannot be in the House to listen to me. The honourable member for Bass (Mr Newman) is here and that is enough for me, in addition to all my other good colleagues on my left. I only hope that the people of Queensland do what the people of Tasmania have done and bring back a government that is anti-socialist. Can anyone define socialism for me?

Mr McGauran —Everything owned by the state.

Mr GOODLUCK —And the stopping of everything. We have to stop the socialist horde and the only place we can do that is in Queensland. Robin Gray said to me: ' Bruce, what should I do? Should I help Joh Bjelke-Peterson and should I help what's-his-name?'

Mr Braithwaite —Terry White.

Mr GOODLUCK —I am sorry; I forgot his name for a minute. I was not being unfair. Mr Gray said: 'Yes, I will go up because we have to stop this socialist horde. The only way we can do that is to fight them and to tell the people of Queensland the story of what happened in Tasmania.

Mr McGauran —What happened?

Mr GOODLUCK —The honourable member knows what happened. I see that Dorian Gray is not in the House tonight but he will be back and I will have opportunities to talk to him about Tasmania and what the socialists did to Tasmania. They stopped the construction of the dam. They took away our rights. They ruined the Constitution as far as Tasmania is concerned. I hope that the people of Queensland remember that on Saturday, because it is very important that a State should not be trampled on by a Federal government. There are some good Government members but they do not understand the implication.

Mr Keogh —Or by a jackbooted Premier.

Mr GOODLUCK —The honourable member should not be hairy. They do not understand the implications of what it means for a government to stamp on the rights of a State. We in Tasmania will remember it. That is the reason why Robin Gray went to Queensland. All of this talk about division and splits should be forgotten. I do not know about splits and divisions; I fight with everybody. One thing should be remembered: The Queensland Government is fighting the socialist horde. They will stop a Labor government coming to power in Queensland. That is the important thing.

Mr McGauran —The only thing.

Mr GOODLUCK —That is the only thing to remember because if people in Queensland do not remember, the Queensland Parliament will be the same as this Parliament. There are some good Labor people, but unfortunately they seem to attract all the trendy groups. I heard the honourable member for Phillip (Ms McHugh)-a nice lady - speak tonight about uranium. But what will happen to the miners when the export of uranium is stopped? Some honourable members talk about peace. Somebody said that we should have a week of peace. Yet some Labor members will not swear on the Bible, and reflect on God. Yet they talk about having a week of peace. We must be consistent in this world. On the subject of peace, I said to the peace group in Hobart: 'Be consistent'. In Hobart protests were held against American ships entering the port, about Americans being on our soil, about Americans doing this and that.

Mr Newman —Sheer hypocrisy.

Mr GOODLUCK —Yes, it is sheer hypocrisy. On many occasions the United States of America has saved us. Not all members of the Labor Party are repetitive on this subject. But their friends are repetitive. They keep repeating the same stories. Vietnam is a dirty word today. If we talk about uranium, it is a dirty word. When people talk about peace and disarmament, the same slant is always taken.

I addressed the peace rally in Hobart. I received a bit of a boo and a bit of a hoo. I said: 'Why didn't you have a rally when the Korean plane was shot down? Why didn't you have a rally in the centre of Hobart? Then you had an indication of what peace should be all about'. But they did not do that. The poor American ship, with young American sailors, came in. The group was on the wharf protesting-the same group that protested when we had the dam problem. It was the same group who are now camping in tents in front of Parliament House. It was the same lot. They are professionals. I am afraid they are repetitive. They receive all the media play. If I said something sane and sensible-which I do all the time-the media might take only one little note of it. But that group says things all the time and gets all the headlines. It is brainwashing, and that is what worries me. People start to believe that repetitive stuff in the end. Regrettably, that is what is happening in Queensland. I am sure that Joh will win, and Terry White will win. There might be a few casualties along the way, but unfortunately, that is politics. But they will win and then they will be able to form a government again in Queensland. The move will flow from State to State and once again we will have free enterprise governments. I notice that my friend the honourable member for Casey (Mr Steedman) has entered the chamber. We will have free people ruling Australia and it will be a better place in which to live.

Mr Bilney —What about the bad apples from Tasmania?

Mr GOODLUCK —I am glad that the honourable member mentioned apples because I have been worried about them. In Tasmania there has been a move to get away from the image of the apple isle. I have been against it. They call Tasmania the treasure isle; it is. They call it the beautiful isle; it is. But we had a wonderful hook, the 'apple isle'. All over Australia, Tasmania is known as the apple isle. We may only be the second largest producer of apples. We are not the largest any more; New South Wales has taken that mantle. But we had a hook. In this world one needs a hook; not dark hair. One always needs a hook. We had a wonderful hook for tourism.

Mr Steedman —The last time I saw a mouth like yours it was on a hook.

Mr GOODLUCK —It is not like the honourable member to say things like that. We had a nice hook. Unfortunately we have lost that hook. Tourism is very important to Tasmania. We have high air fares which have been detrimental to the tourist industry. We have a lack of shipping. Only one boat brings passengers to Tasmania, which is completely inadequate. We had one which travelled from Sydney to Hobart which was full all the time. People from Sydney were able to come to Tasmania, see its beauty, understand its people and learn a little about Tasmania. Unfortunately, that ship was taken off the run. I said that it should not have been. There were lots of reasons why it was taken off the run. There were 17 unions on board that boat. Unfortunately, it ran at a loss of about $1. 3m a year. We, as a government, decided to take it off the run, and probably rightly so, because it was inefficient. It ran at a loss and the taxpayers of Australia were being penalised. But it was a marvellous way for people to come to Tasmania. We need to look at those sorts of things. People need to be able to bring their cars from Sydney, Queensland and other places, come to Tasmania, see it and spend a few dollars there.

One honourable member who came to Tasmania was the Minister for Finance (Mr Dawkins). He came to Tasmania and made some nasty remarks about the Tasmanian members of this Parliament. He said that all we did here was to huff and puff, wear red carnations and change the colour of our hair. He made some very nasty and vicious remarks. But we are constructive. We are trying desperately to make Tasmania a good place for our children to live in, to make it independent to a degree from the rest of Australia. We want to be self-sufficient. We want to keep our children in Tasmania and we want them to be able to get jobs there. Tourism is one of the ways that we can do it.

I hope that people in the tourist industry in Tasmania realise that we have a hook-the 'apple isle'. They should try to attract people to Tasmania, fight hard to make certain that the air fares come down, develop places in Tasmania where people can stay without paying high prices. We should try to get families to travel to Tasmania. We should try to develop our State. It is easy to talk about it. But we must develop it. I am afraid that we in this place are not involved in the finer details of development in Tasmania. But I am sure that tourism would boom. It would develop in such a way that the people of Australia would realise that the climate is good. A lot is said about the climate in Tasmania. It is a beautiful climate. It is extremely nice in summer. The honourable member for Kingston (Mr Bilney) knows that that is the case because he has relatives in Tasmania. He knows what it is like. It is good. I hope people will come to Tasmania. When Joh wins on Saturday, I am sure that the Queenslanders will come to Tasmania-just as we go to Queensland to feel its warmth and sunshine-and that Queensland will have a Liberal and National Party Government.