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Thursday, 13 October 1983
Page: 1799

The CHAIRMAN —Is it the wish of the Committee to take the Bill as a whole?

Mr Sinclair-No, clause by clause.

Mr Tuckey-Mr Chairman, I want to speak on clause 1.

The CHAIRMAN —The question is that Schedule 2 be agreed to.

Motion (by Mr Dawkins) put:

That progress be reported.

A division having been called and the bells being rung-

Mr Sinclair-Mr Chairman, on a point of order, are we now voting on clause 1 or the Schedule?

The CHAIRMAN —Order! We have dealt with the Schedule.

Mr Sinclair-We have not. We disagreed and asked for a vote on it.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! Schedule 2 was called on. The Minister moved that progress be reported.

Mr Sinclair-Mr Chairman, you said that the question was that the Schedule be agreed to. We said that we disagreed with that. We have called for a division on the Schedule being called on. On the point of order, the Minister cannot negate a motion that you put in Committee on that question. You have now two questions before the Chair. I suggest that you put the first question to the Committee and resolve that before you move to the next point.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! The issue is that the Committee was not prepared to take the Bill as a whole.

Mr Sinclair-No, that has been resolved. That was put to the House by Mr Speaker . You have now put the first question. We have called for a division on that first question. The subsequent motion by the Acting Leader of the House cannot be accommodated until you have dealt with that first question.

The CHAIRMAN —The Minister can move that progress be reported.

Mr Sinclair-He cannot when we have a question before the Committee. We have a question before the chamber. You put it to the chamber and you cannot negate the question before the chamber. You can when that question is resolved but not before then.

The CHAIRMAN —I have given my ruling on the matter.

Mr Sinclair-Mr Chairman, we move dissent from your ruling. The normal order of procedures of this place requires that there be an ordinary understanding of debating practice. If it is not possible in this place to accommodate business in the way in which it should be it is an absolute disgrace to democracy. There is no basis by which this Parliament can survive if it appears to negate parliamentary practice, ordinary debating practice or the systems of this place.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! I ask the right honourable gentleman to resume his seat.