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Thursday, 13 October 1983
Page: 1775

Mr DOBIE(8.20) —I take a moment of the Committee's time to say I believe that the advice that has been given to the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (Mr West) in this regard is wrong. The Big Brother Movement, of course, made the decision, as do many of the other welfare organisations throughout the world. But the final decision as to who is coming here from the Big Brother Movement has always been approved by the departmental officers in London before they came here and were approved out here. They only went through an additional sorting process. I am aggrieved to hear that the decision will not be reversed.

I make two points. Firstly, I was not one of those members who mentioned politics in my speech about the present Minister. I hope that his speech as recorded in Hansard will not reflect that. Secondly, I am not relating the anti- British attitude I have personally come across in London and in Australia to the Big Brother Movement. I referred to other incidents altogether. I will not detail them-I am not so stupid-but the Committee must take my word for it that I have documented evidence from my representations, which have been firm, regular and strong since 1966. I am sorry that the BBM is being moved out.