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Wednesday, 12 October 1983
Page: 1692

Question No. 423

Mr Wells asked the Minister representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 6 September 1983:

What Commonwealth funds, listed by purpose, in the form of (a) grants, (b) subsidies, (c) special purpose grants, (d) dollar for dollar contributions or (e ) other contributions, have been partly or totally (i) received or (ii) returned or refused by the Queensland Government, from December 1972 to August 1983.

Dr Blewett —The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

Commonwealth funds for the following purposes have been received, returned or refused by the Queensland Government from December 1972 to August 1983:

Childrens Services Program

Since 1972, and up to and including the 1982-83 financial year, a total of $66. 425m has been forwarded to the Queensland Government in the form of grants to the community organisations under the children's services program to be paid via -the-State.

Of this amount $0.666m of the total funds provided were on the basis of a dollar for dollar matching contribution by the Queensland Government. These funds were provided under the program's youth services scheme.

Funds provided direct to State Governments under the program are advanced quarterly based on returns of expenditure provided by the respective State. In the calculation of each advance, account is taken of all funds previously advanced and not expended. The advance is reduced by the level of unexpended funds held by the State Government and this effectively removes the necessity for any State Government to physically return unexpended funds.

Youth Services Scheme

As I have explained, funds under the youth services scheme, are provided on the proviso that they are matched on a dollar for dollar basis. During the three year pilot phase of the scheme, Queensland was offered a total of $0.461m of this amount $0.305m was accepted on a matched basis. The balance of $0.156m was therefore not advanced to the Queensland Government. The scheme has been extended into 1982-83 and 1983-84 and all funds offered under the extended scheme have been matched by the Queensland Government.

Welfare Services for the Aged-Grants Under the States Grants (Home Care) Act

Grants under the States Grants (Home Care) Act received by the Queensland Government in the years specified are set out below:



Citizens Welfare Home Care

Centres Officers Services

(capital) (recurrent) (recurrent) Total

$ $ $ $ 1972-73 183,714 3,293 247,895 434,902 1973-74 54,867 17,613 312,284 384,764 1974-75 153,347 11,371 1,244,406 1,409,124 1975-76 391,218 32,507 1, 672,838 2,096,563 1976-77 916,316 37,487 1,990,047 2,943,850 1977-78 439,103 44 ,820 2,744,155 3,228,078 1978-79 553,199 41,804 1,797,372 2,392,375 1979-80 330,904 44,519 1,792,945 2,168,368 1980-81 489,953 57,722 1,873,168 2,420,843 1981-82 763,106 68,975 1,498,106 2,330,187 1982-83 933,515 90,633 2,962,004 3, 986,152

5,209,242 450,744 18,135,220 23,795,206

1983-84-1,001,000; 98,000; 2,845,000; 3,944,000 (Estimates from 1983-84 Budget Paper No. 7-payments to or for the States, the Northern Territory and local government authorities).