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Tuesday, 11 October 1983
Page: 1541

Mr TUCKEY —I wish to make a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER —Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr TUCKEY —Yes, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER —I call the honourable member for O'Connor.

Mr TUCKEY —During Question Time, the Minister for Finance (Mr Dawkins) stated that on an occasion I sought endorsement by the State Labor Party-I presume of Western Australia-as a candidate for the seat of Gascoyne. Firstly, I reject that statement. I think it is incumbent on the Minister, in making such a statement, to do as I have been requesting in relation to other matters and produce some facts.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member may correct the misrepresentation but may not debate it.

Mr TUCKEY —Fine, but that is basically what I am doing now. The situation is that, prior to the State election to which the Minister referred, a Mr Danny Norton had held the seat of Gascoyne for Labor for many years, and he announced his retirement. At that time I was President of the Liberal Party in the town of Carnarvon. We, as a party, were very confident of winning that seat. I was proved correct. It was won by the Liberal Party with an absolute majority. I was anxious to stand--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member is now dealing with matters where he has not been personally misrepresented. I suggest he gets to the point of correction.

Mr TUCKEY —I am doing that but in my statement I am detailing the supporting facts to illustrate how I was misrepresented. Giving the facts of the circumstances is the only way in which I can demonstrate to this House that, in fact, I have been misrepresented. I think the Labor Party was of a similar view to my Party at the time. In fact, members of that Party, in their concern, approached me, and asked me to seek endorsement for the Labor Party, which I rejected. I guess somebody might have been sufficiently anxious to have written to a State secretary, whom I do not even know, and whom I doubt I have ever met, saying 'I think we can get the best prospect in Carnarvon'. Never was I a member of the Labor Party. Had I sought this endorsement, presumably the Labor Party would have had an application form to produce in this place.

The other matter on which the Minister spoke was related to my endorsement by the Liberal Party for the seat of O'Connor. The honourable member made a suggestion in relation to Sir Charles Court whom I used as a referee in my application. Mr Speaker, I was of the opinion at that time that it would insult a person to inquire whether one could cite him as a referee. My own view is that one would use his name, a confidential inquiry would be made and one would rest on what he had to say. However, in support of the situation in contrast to the Minister's statement, I can produce for your viewing at reasonably short notice when I return to this place a video film of Sir Charles Court eulogising me at the opening of Local Government House. I imagine that that would reject that matter. The Esperance branch of the Liberal Party did not resign on my being endorsed. There was dissatisfaction among a couple of the persons there. In fact , in the 1980 election, out of five candidates, I received over 50 per cent of the primary votes cast in Esperance.