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Thursday, 6 October 1983
Page: 1518

Question No. 406

Mr Gear asked the Minister representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 25 August 1983:

Can the Minister supply up to date information for the electoral division of Tangney on the number of persons receiving payments from the Department of Social Security in each suburb (not postcode) by (a) types of benefit, (b) pension and (c) payment received, for each month from March to August 1983.

Dr Blewett —The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

Information on the numbers of persons receiving social security pensions and benefits, and the payments received, in each suburb in the electoral division of Tangney is not available. Statistics are available only by postcode (not suburb) for pensioners at 30 June 1983 and beneficiaries at 27 May 1983. The postcodes included in the electoral division of Tangney as advised by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, are (the bracketed percentages represent the proportion of the postcode's population which was in Tangney at the 1976 census):

6102 (100 per cent), 6106 (95.4 per cent), 6107 (95.1 per cent), 6108 (110 per cent), 6109 (100 per cent), 6110 (100 per cent), 6152 (50.5 per cent), 6153 (56. 1 per cent), 6154 (26.6 per cent), 6155 (100 per cent), 6163 (7.6 per cent).

Due to the changes to electoral boundaries of the electoral division of Tangney in 1979, the figures supplied are only an approximation.

This information is not yet available for the 1981 census. The above percentages have been applied to the numbers of pensioners and beneficiaries in the postcodes to estimate the numbers in Tangney, as shown below. Numbers of pensioners in institutions paid by group cheque in the electoral division are also included.