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Thursday, 6 October 1983
Page: 1448

Mr PORTER —My question is directed to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Why was the National Aboriginal Sports Foundation given four days in which to wind up? Why was the NASF excluded from yesterday's discussions on its future? Have the jobs of its employees been guaranteed? Will the independent identity of the NASF be preserved within the Aboriginal Development Commission? If administrative savings are made on transfer, will they be spent on Aboriginal sport?

Mr HOLDING —I thank the honourable gentleman for his question. Under the previous Administration approximately $200,000 for sport was made available to the National Aboriginal Sports Foundation. Of that $200,000, approximately $140,000 was spent on administration. It seemed to me and to this Government that it is not very sensible having people fly around Australia to tell Aboriginal communities that there are no funds for them for sporting activities. It was felt, on the basis of financial prudence, that the full benefit of the funds that are made available to Aboriginal communities for sport should reach those people, particularly young people, who are involved in Aboriginal sport. Therefore it was decided, in conjunction with the National Aboriginal Conference and the portfolio bodies-it was discussed with the National Aboriginal Sports Foundation-that the appropriate process was to house the NASF within the ADC, the ADC being an Aboriginal commission which, as the honourable gentleman knows, or should know, is an entirely independent Aboriginal-run structure. It was decided that the Commission would be responsible for meeting the administrative expenses so that the full benefit of the funds-I would be the first to agree that not enough funds are available for Aboriginal sport-would flow to those people who most need them, that is, young Aboriginal people involved in sporting activities. We have virtually guaranteed the integrity of the people who are in staff positions. They have been given the responsibility of preparing for the NAC a policy document on the future of Aboriginal sport. That matter will be reviewed, we hope, within 12 months when the Government will look at the range of options which will be available to it.