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Wednesday, 5 October 1983
Page: 1354

Mr PEACOCK —My question is directed to the Special Minister of State and relates to the subject matter of my questions yesterday and today to him and to the Prime Minister. Will the Special Minister of State table the full details of the reasons why, at various times, the telephone intercepts were lifted?

Mr BEAZLEY —I dealt with the matter raised by the Leader of the Opposition yesterday. I pointed out to him on that occasion that at no point has there been any instruction by a Commonwealth Minister, on either the advice or a request of the New South Wales Government or on its own initiative. As the Leader of the Opposition would be aware, the Commissioner of Police has absolute discretion to determine when an operational matter requires the acquisition of a warrant for the purpose of pursuing a telephone tap. Those taps are placed at the direction of the Police Commissioner when he has the appropriate warrant. They are lifted at his discretion. They are entirely made and entirely determined by him, his operational requirement and the judicial process through which he goes. At no point of time has there been, under this Government, interference with that process.