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Tuesday, 4 October 1983
Page: 1245

Mr CADMAN —Can the Acting Treasurer inform the House of the accuracy of an article in the Age of 23 September that 200,000 people will move into a higher tax bracket as a result of the 4.3 per cent wage increase? Can he tell the House how many Australians on average male weekly earnings will move into the 46c tax bracket in 1983-84? Can he also tell the House when the Government will correct the shameful situation that Australians on this wage level should be paying 46c on each extra dollar earned?

Mr HURFORD —I do not carry around with me the latest statistics on how many people will move from one tax bracket to another. I have not seen that particular article in the Age. I can say to the House that I was very interested to read over the weekend, following from a report known as the Valder report, that the Liberal Party of this country will go through a metamorphosis and follow principle instead of expediency. The change, when we talk about tax, that will have to come about will have to be led by the Leader of the Opposition, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition and shadow Treasurer, and the honourable member for Mitchell, because they have told us that instead of applying the direct tax rates which the honourable member referred to in his question, they will slug this country with consumption taxes. That is their answer to this problem. I will look for the first time at the article in the Age and see whether it is accurate. If I find that it is not accurate I will be in touch with the honourable member.