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Thursday, 22 September 1983
Page: 1228

Mrs KELLY(10.05) —Today the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Australian Capital Territory tabled its report on the seventy- eighth series of variations. In that report the Committee has endorsed proposals for ramps leading into the new Parliament House and the State Circle intersections, but it has reserved its judgment on the further issue of traffic flow through surrounding suburbs. In the course of public hearings many submissions were received from residents and it became clear that there are major problems of traffic flow from the suburb of Deakin, especially along Melbourne Avenue. These objections must be looked at thoroughly. Further public hearings now have to be held to allow much greater public consultation. Recently the National Capital Development Commission published in the Canberra Times an outline of traffic proposals for the suburb of Deakin. However, there is still major dissatisfaction, and I believe that unless action is taken there will be a large build up of traffic flow in the suburb of Deakin when the new Parliament House is completed.

The major issues that should be addressed include the need to inhibit through traffic in the residential areas, especially in the light of increased traffic densities when the new Parliament House opens and particularly in the feeder streets into Melbourne Avenue, Deakin, and the need to ensure that Melbourne Avenue, Stonehaven Crescent and Strickland Crescent do not become the main arterial roads through the suburbs of Forrest and Deakin. It is also important to ensure that the residential streets of Forrest and Deakin do not become a funnel for traffic from north to south and vice versa. There is a need to devise appropriate measures to ensure that the large volume of traffic to and from the new Parliament House is not channelled into the surrounding suburbs. It is also critical that we look at the traffic flow along Kent Street, Deakin, to ensure that residents in that street do not continue to be disadvantaged by the large traffic flow.

I also believe that the NCDC should apply itself to looking at traffic flow throughout the whole of the Forrest area and should stop looking in a piecemeal fashion at the traffic flow in this area which will result from the building of the new Parliament House. Rather, it should take on board the comments and criticisms of the residents and try to come up with a constructive policy which will restrict the traffic flow on the major arterials leading into Melbourne Avenue, so providing the sort of environment that the people of these areas have come to expect.