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Thursday, 22 September 1983
Page: 1207

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Leader of the House) —Mr Chairman, may I suggest that it might suit the convenience of the Committee to consider the items of proposed expenditure in the order and groupings shown in the following schedule:

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Department of the Special Minister of State-together.

Department of Defence, and Department of Defence Support-together.

Department of Trade, and Department of Resources and Energy-together.

Department of Transport, and Department of Aviation-together.

Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, and Department of Education and Youth Affairs-together.

Department of the Treasury, Department of Finance, Advance to the Minister for Finance, and Minister for Finance-Special Funds-together.

Department of Home Affairs and Environment, Department of Territories and Local Government, and Department of Sport, Recreation and Tourism-together.

Department of Communications.

Department of Administrative Services, and Department of Housing and Construction-together.

Department of Primary Industry.

Department of Industry and Commerce, and Department of Science and Technology- together.

Department of Social Security, Department of Health, and Department of Veterans ' Affairs-together.

Attorney-General's Department.

Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, and Department of Aboriginal Affairs-together.

Department of Foreign Affairs.

The consideration of the items in groups of departments has met the convenience of the Committee in past years. I also take the opportunity to indicate to the Committee that the proposed order for consideration of departments' estimates has been discussed with the Opposition which has raised no objection to what has been proposed.

The CHAIRMAN —Is it the wish of the Committee to consider the items of proposed expenditure in the order suggested by the Leader of the House?

Mr Howard —Yes, an excellent suggestion.

The CHAIRMAN —I will allow that course to be followed.

Schedule 2.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Proposed expenditure, $73,855,000.

Department of the Special Minister of State

Proposed expenditure, $207,955,000.

The CHAIRMAN —The question now before the Committee is:

That the proposed expenditures be agreed to.

Sitting suspended from 6.28 to 8 p.m.

(Quorum formed)