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Thursday, 22 September 1983
Page: 1165

Mr HOWARD —I ask the Minister for Housing and Construction, in his capacity as Minister Assisting the Treasurer and as Minister responsible for most of the foreign investment work of the Government: Did the honourable gentleman say recently that 'the Board'-that is, the Foreign Investment Review Board-'and Treasury's Foreign Investment Division are doing a faithful job and are anticipating the political view'? What does he mean by the words 'anticipating the political view'? Does it mean that, under the Labor Party, foreign investment policy of this country has been significantly tightened?

Mr HURFORD —I did say something along those lines. I have noticed that that has been reported in an edition of Australian Business which hit the newsstands today. I have said that I believe that there is a slight difference in the application of foreign investment policies between this Government and the previous Government. I believe that those who follow the decisions would notice that there is a very understandable application of the platform of the Australian Labor Party in making those decisions. I have noted that, in most cases, the Foreign Investment Review Board has made recommendations similar to the ones that the Labor Party would want to see applied in this country. I do not resile at all from that report.