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Tuesday, 20 September 1983
Page: 1038

Question No. 156

Dr Charlesworth asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, upon notice, on 17 May 1983:

Can he indicate (a) how many Aboriginal people reside in the electoral division of Perth, (b) what facilities are provided by his Department for these people and (c) what proportion of these people are receiving (i) unemployment benefits, (ii) sickness benefits and (iii) supporting parents benefits.

Mr Holding —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) 643-(Source: 1981 Census)

(b) Grants-in-aid provided by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs to Aboriginal groups operating in or with their headquarters located in the electoral division of Perth in 1982-83 and allocation of funds decided so far for 1983-84, are-


1982-83 (proposed)

Aboriginal Advancement Council 145,262 106,700 Anglican Health and Welfare ( Nungar and Willong Shelter) 170,401 158,500 Aboriginal Legal Service 1,290,760 1,484,000 Aboriginal Medical Service 313,819 338,500 Kadee Aboriginal Co- operative 7,700 9,000 Middar Theatre Group 39,500 8,200 Kulila Association 120,560 125,800 WA College of Advanced Education (Mt Lawley Campus-Aboriginal teacher training program) 146,508 155,661 WA School of Nursing (special 1st Year program of Aboriginal nursing students) 3,700 20,300


1. Allocation of further funds to the area for 1983-84 is under consideration.

2. The Department also provides funds for wider ranging Aboriginal organisations such as the Aboriginal Legal Service, the Aboriginal Medical Service which are active on a State wide basis.

3. Funds are provided to the State Government for provision of services to Aboriginals in the areas of housing, health, welfare, etc. These funds cannot be identified by electorate boundaries.

4. The Perth electorate is serviced by the Central Area Office of the Department in Perth.

5. The above table includes funding to education institutions providing special courses for Aboriginals in the Perth electorate but for which the student intake could be State-wide.

(c) As the Department of Social Security does not identify Aboriginals separately in its figures, and the Perth Office of the Commonwealth Employment Service is not confined to the Perth electorate, I am unable to provide the honourable member with the information requested.