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Thursday, 25 August 1983
Page: 288

Mr FRY —On behalf of the Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory, I present the Committee's reports on proposals for variations of the plan of lay-out of the City of Canberra and its environs-the seventy-fifth series (item 2) and the seventy-ninth series, and the eightieth series.

Ordered that the reports be printed.

Mr FRY —by leave-The report I have just tabled on the seventy-ninth series of variations to the city plan covers 12 variations and re- commends the approval of work valued at $34.8m. The Committee, in considering these proposed variations, took evidence from several individuals and community groups and from a member of the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly during three days of public hearings. The Committee approves a variation at Kaleen to provide further residential development subject to the provision of a school crossing. The Committee believes that safe means must be provided for young children to cross streets on which a primary school is located. The Committee finds unacceptable the current practice of the National Capital Development Commission and the Department of Territories and Local Government of not always providing either a school crossing or underpass at a major entry point to a primary school .

Variation 7 is concerned with changes to roadways in Civic to provide a site for the proposed White Industries Ltd development of a hotel-convention centre and offices. The Committee has made approval of this variation subject to the gazettal of Glebe Park simultaneously with the approval of the White Industries proposal. Regardless of whether or not the White Industries proposal gains approval, the Committee recommends that Glebe Park be gazetted as a public park before the end of 1983. The Committee also recommends the inclusion in the park of a number of mature trees which are currently in the road reservation but do not constitute a traffic hazard. The Glebe Park area contains a number of mature elm trees over 100 years old which are an attractive and important part of our heritage and their preservation must be ensured.

The urgent need for adequate retail facilities in Tuggeranong and community facilities in Kaleen which has resulted from poor planning in the past has virtually forced the Committee to approve arrangements which may prove to be unsatisfactory in the long term. The Committee is most dissatisfied with being placed in this situation. In view of the lack of shopping facilities and other services the Committee approves the proposal for 14,000 square metres of retail space and 4,000 square metres of non-retail space at Erindale in Tuggeranong.

I turn to the seventy-fifth series of variations. The previous Committee withheld approval for a new subdivision of 114 detached housing blocks in Giralang until commitment was received for the construction of an access road linking the subdivision with the rest of the suburb. The Minister for Territories and Local Government (Mr Uren) has now agreed to the required access being included in the forward construction program and the Committee has approved the variation. Cost of the work involved is $1.6m.

The other report I have just tabled on the eightieth series of variations is concerned with the variation of the city plan to provide access to the Canberra Technology Park at Bruce. The Committee, in considering this variation, noted the sixteenth report of the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly Standing Committee on Development and Planning and took evidence from the Department of Territories and Local Government, the Canberra Development Board, the NCDC and Lend Lease Corporation Ltd during the public hearing held on 11 August 1983. The development is expected to attract high technology industry to the Australian Capital Territory generating 300 jobs during the construction phase and providing 700 to 1,000 jobs on completion with a flow-on of employment in support facilities outside the park.

The Committee approves the variation. However, it is concerned at the continuous lack of environment protection legislation in the Australian Captial Territory covering matters such as air and water pollution and occupational health and safety. The Committee strongly recommends the urgent introduction of this legislation.

Mr Ruddock —Mr Speaker, I seek leave to make a statement on the same subject.

Leave granted.

Mr SPEAKER —I suggest that the honourable member for Dundas make his statement after the suspension of the sitting for lunch.