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Thursday, 26 May 1983
Page: 1094

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Minister for Trade)(11.4) —The amendments that were foreshadowed in my second reading speech were suggested by the Senate, and the Government agrees to them. They have been circulated. Amendment (1) relates to the Honey Levy Collection Act 1962. Honourable members will see that the amendment is to omit 'ten per centum' and substitute '20%'. The second amendment omits 'on the security of the honey' and substitutes 'on such security as the Board considers adequate'. In respect of that I did indicate-I say it again-that the Honey Board of Australia has the power to make advances. Rather than having the advance limited to the owner of the honey-there could be difficulties about security-the amendment ensures more effective security. Of course, it enables the Board to make advances on different forms of security and thereby ensure that the Commonwealth is a secured creditor in relation to the advance.

Amendment (2), which I shall advert to now relates to the World Heritage Properties Conservation Act 1983. The provisions of that Act establish a procedure for ascertaining the amount of compensation payable in respect of any acquisition. There is a provision for the appointment of a commission of inquiry to inquire into the matter. If the property is within a State, the Premier of the State is entitled to nominate one of three members of the commission. The idea of this amendment is to put the Northern Territory in a similar position to the States; that is, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory will be entitled to nominate one member of the commission where the property acquired is within the Northern Territory. I believe the amendments are very worth while and I commend them to the House. Mr Deputy Chairman, I ask leave to move the two amendments together.

Leave granted.


(1) Page 29, Schedule 1, before-

''Honey Levy Collection Act 1962 Sub-section 8 (1)-Omit 'ten per centum', substitute '20%'.''.


''Honey Industry Act 1962 Paragraph 18 (1) (c)-Omit 'on the security of the honey', substitute 'on such security as the Board considers adequate' ''.

(2) Page 55, Schedule 1, add at the end of that Schedule-

''World Heritage Properties Conservation Act 1983 Paragraph 17 (9) (a)-After ' State', insert 'or in the Northern Territory'.

Paragraph 17 (9) (b)-After 'State', insert 'or the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, as the case may be'.''.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments; report-by leave-adopted.