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Monday, 26 February 2018
Page: 1968

Mr ZIMMERMAN (North Sydney) (16:39): I represent in this place an electorate whose residents often hold strong and passionate views about protecting our environment. This is seen locally in the work of so many to protect our bushland or the harbour and waterways that border much of my electorate. It is also seen at a broader level, in the deep interest many of my constituents take in issues like climate change. It is in this context that, pursuant to standing orders, I present an approved petition of 1,483 concerned residents from my electorate which requests that this House, inter alia, does more to reduce the impacts of climate change and greenhouse emissions. Addressing climate change is self-evidently one of the critical issues of our time. I am always conscious of the duty of care we have to ensure our actions secure a better future economically, socially and environmentally for those who will inherit our island continent. In this regard, the Turnbull government has engaged constructively with the international community to develop the Paris Agreement on climate change. We are committed to meeting our Paris Agreement targets. Domestically, the Paris Agreement will be embedded in the National Energy Guarantee, which will provide the framework for meeting the government's goals of ensuring energy reliability, affordability and emission reductions. I firmly believe that technology will be our greatest asset in reducing greenhouse emissions. For example, we have seen the world making great progress in making renewable energy sources more affordable and efficient, improving battery technology and developing cleaner technology like electric vehicles. I thank the signatories of this petition for reminding us of the work that must continue to be done.

The petition read as follows—