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Monday, 26 February 2018
Page: 1957

Mr TIM WILSON (Goldstein) (16:02): Today we honour Ada Murkies, a Brighton resident and successful fashion designer who has had an extraordinary journey through life. I am looking forward to celebrating the triumph of Mrs Murkies's life at our next Goldstein community morning tea, held in the Goldstein electorate office. When Mrs Murkies chose to speak out about her horrific experience of World War II, she did so to give a voice to the countless others who have suffered as a consequence. Her family, along with thousands of others, were forced into cargo trains and wagons and travelled for almost two weeks in freezing conditions after being forced to leave her family home in Brest during the Soviet invasion of Poland. Her father, Stefan, was killed that same year in the infamous Katyn massacre, where the Soviets murdered more than 20,000 Poles. When Mrs Murkies arrived in a Siberian labour camp, she worked 12 hours a day for little or no food. There was nothing around her but death and despair. Years later, in January 1948, Mrs Murkies and her husband fled to Australia to make a fresh start in our magnificent country. She has lived in Brighton for more than 55 years, raising four daughters and becoming a successful fashion designer. The swimwear label quickly sold to major retail department stores across Australia, including Myer. Mrs Murkies said she wants her story to give hope to others who are suffering. We honour her and her personal triumph and congratulate her on her life of success.