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Monday, 26 February 2018
Page: 1816

Mr WALLACE (Fisher) (13:47): Last week, Sunshine Coast residents learnt that the Queensland state Labor government has been involving itself in promoting the disastrous possibility of a casino in Maroochydore by inviting representatives of NagaCorp to inspect the site. My constituents want to know what role the state government has played, whether the local council have encouraged this proposal, and what negotiations are taking place.

I therefore wrote to the Premier of Queensland and the state Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development last week to ask them the following questions: was the possibility of building a casino at Maroochydore discussed during the visit of NagaCorp representatives to the Sunshine Coast; how did this visit come about, why, and who instigated it; what involvement did Mayor Jamieson, the council or SunCentral have in this visit; have any of these parties discussed, encouraged or recommended to the state government the construction of a casino on the Sunshine Coast; and what further discussions have taken place between any of the parties involved regarding the construction of this casino, either before this visit or since?

I call on the state Labor government to give me these answers immediately on behalf of the people of the Sunshine Coast. Further, I call on the Premier to rule out the granting of a casino licence for the Sunshine Coast and end any possibility of this damaging proposal going ahead. (Time expired)