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Monday, 26 February 2018
Page: 1814

Mrs SUDMALIS (Gilmore) (13:38): I rise to thank the Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government for coming to Gilmore last week to have a look at some of the amazing businesses that have received government funding to help push their boundaries and get them into exporting. We saw electric car charging at Rasobi with their South Coast electric vehicle project. Shoalhaven Starches are getting some money. The Cottee Jersey dairy, with Jeff, Steve and Andy making a big deal of it, with a new line to get powdered milk going overseas. Pia Winberg, with her amazing research on seaweed, will be going overseas and getting nutraceuticals going.

There are new boating facilities. There is going to be mussel aquaculture in Jervis Bay, which will also be employing our Jerrinja group. Milton District Meats will be expanding to go overseas. John Lamont's business with pharmaceuticals will be going overseas even more. Caresouth, which is an organisation that looks after the fostering of children and finding youth homelessness solutions, is getting a big chunk of money to change things. There is funding for Stormtech and their drainage; Climax, with their specially equipped vehicles; and Partech, in the defence industry. Essence foods will be going overseas as well. Cupitt's will be doing an amazing job with their wines and their cheeses, and tourism. There will be more aquaculture in Yatte Yattah with Murray cod.

It has been an amazing array of investments in our region, with many jobs expected to come. In fact, from the whole of it, there is $20 million worth of investment, with $55 million leverage and over 1,000 jobs in our region. I couldn't be more excited. (Time expired)