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Registration and Declaration of Senator's Interests: 4 Register and Registrar of Senators' Interests

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Registration and declaration of senators’ interests

Senators’ interests

4 Register and Registrar of Senators’ Interests

(1) At the commencement of each Parliament, and at other times as necessary, the President shall appoint an officer of the Department of the Senate as the Registrar of Senators Interests and that officer shall also be secretary of the Committee of Senators Interests.

(2) The Registrar of Senators Interests shall, in accordance with procedures determined by the Committee of Senators Interests, maintain a Register of Senators Interests in a form to be determined by that committee from time to time.

(3) As soon as possible after the receipt of statement of registrable interests in accordance with resolution 1(1), the chairman of the Committee of Senators Interests shall table in the Senate a copy of the completed Register of Senators Interests and shall also table every 6 months any notification by a senator of alteration of those interests.

(4) The Register of Senators Interests shall be available for inspection by any person under conditions to be laid down by the Committee of Senators Interests from time to time.

(5) That part of the Register of Senators Interests relating to spouses or partners and dependent children shall remain confidential to the Committee of Senators Interests as provided for in paragraph 2.

(17 March 1994 J.1421, amended 15 September 2003 J.2365)