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Resolutions Expressing Opinions of the Senate: 43 Statutory authorities

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43 Statutory authorities

The committee, having considered the report of Estimates Committee B, … recommends ...

(ii) that the principle, espoused by the Senate in 1971 and 1974, that there are no areas of expenditure of public funds where statutory authorities have a discretion to withhold details or explanations from Parliament or its committees unless the Parliament has expressly provided otherwise, be reaffirmed;

(iii) the affirmation, in accordance with this principle, that the right to privacy of individual counsel accepting a brief on behalf of the Commonwealth for which money is appropriated by Parliament is supervened by such acceptance, subject to the reasons for the information being clearly defined and to the proviso that injudicious or unwarranted invasion of privacy is not the intention of the Parliament or its committees; and ...

(18 September 1980 J.1563)

Note: Resolution of a committee of the whole, adopted by the Senate on 18 September 1980. Part of a longer resolution dealing also with other matters.