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Resolutions Expressing Opinions of the Senate: 37 Committee reports – government responses

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37 Committee reports - government responses

(1) The Senate declares its opinion that, following the presentation of a report from a standing committee or select committee of the Senate which recommends action by the government, the government should, within the ensuing 3 months, table a paper informing the Senate of its observations and intentions with respect to such recommendations.

(2) The Senate resolves that the President communicate this resolution to the government with a request that the foregoing procedure apply, from the date of the passing of this resolution, to reports already presented during the present session and, in respect of future reports, from the date of presentation of a report.

(3) A government response to a committee report under this resolution shall respond to any minority or dissenting report and any matter added to the report by any member or participating member of the committee.

(14 March 1973 J.51, amended 24 August 1994 J.2054)

Note: Government responses to committee reports have since been the subject of undertakings by governments. Undertakings were given on:

26 May 1978 - Senate Debates (Hansard) p. 1933.

24 August 1983 - Senate Debates (Hansard) p. 141.

5 November 1991 - Journals p. 1625.