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PROCEDURAL ORDERS OF CONTINUING EFFECT: 3 Unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings, documents or evidence

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Procedural Orders of Continuing Effect


3 Unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings, documents or evidence

The Senate adopts the procedures, as outlined in the 20th report of the Committee of Privileges tabled on 21 December 1989, to be followed by committees in respect of matters on which such committees may wish action to be taken:

(1) (a) a committee affected by any unauthorised disclosure of proceedings or documents of, or evidence before, that committee shall seek to discover the source of the disclosure, including by the chair of the committee writing to all members and staff asking them if they can explain the disclosure;

(b) the committee concerned should come to a conclusion as to whether the disclosure had a tendency substantially to interfere with the work of the committee or of the Senate, or actually caused substantial interference;

(c) if the committee concludes that there has been potential or actual substantial interference it shall report to the Senate and the matter may be raised with the President by the chair of the committee, in accordance with standing order 81.

(2) Nothing in this resolution affects the right of a senator to raise a matter of privilege under standing order 81.

(3) This order is of continuing effect.

(20 June 1996 J.361)