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Chapter 31 Conduct of Senators and Rules of Debate: 203 Infringement of order

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203 Infringement of order

(1) If a senator:

(a) persistently and wilfully obstructs the business of the Senate;

(b) is guilty of disorderly conduct;

(c) uses objectionable words, and refuses to withdraw such words;

(d) persistently and wilfully refuses to conform to the standing orders; or

(e) persistently and wilfully disregards the authority of the chair,

the President may report to the Senate that the senator has committed an offence.

(2) If an offence has been committed by a senator in a committee of the whole, the chairman may suspend the proceedings of the committee and report the offence to the President.

(3) A senator who has been reported as having committed an offence shall attend in the senator’s place and be called upon to make an explanation or apology, and then a motion may be moved that the senator be suspended from the sitting of the Senate. No amendment, adjournment or debate shall be allowed on such a motion, which shall be immediately put by the President.