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Chapter 26 Tabling Of Documents: 166 Other Methods Of Tabling Documents

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166 Other methods of tabling documents

(1) Other documents may be presented pursuant to statute, by the President, or by a minister.

(2) If:

(a) the President certifies that a document is to be presented to the Senate; or

(b) a minister or the Auditor-General provides to the President, or, if the President is unable to act, to the Deputy President, or, if the Deputy President is unavailable, to any one of the Temporary Chairmen of Committees, a document which is to be laid before the Senate,

on the certification or the provision of the document, as the case may be:

(c) the document shall be deemed to have been presented to the Senate;

(d) the publication of the document is authorised by this standing order;

(e) the President, the Deputy President, or the Temporary Chairman of Committees, as the case may be, may give directions for the printing and circulation of the document; and

(f) the President shall lay the document on the table at the next sitting of the Senate.

(amended 13 February 1997, 7 December 1998)