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Chapter 21 Committees Of The Whole: 144 Proceedings In Committee

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144 Proceedings in committee

(1) A committee shall consider only the matters referred to it by the Senate.

(2) A question in committee shall be decided in the same manner as in the Senate.

(3) A motion contradictory of a previous decision of a committee shall not be entertained in the same committee.

(4) A motion for the previous question may not be made in committee.

(5) In committee senators may speak more than once to the same question, and, when a question has been proposed from the chair, shall confine themselves to that question.

(6) Motions that the question be now put and that the chairman report progress and ask leave to sit again shall be moved without discussion and immediately put and determined, but neither of those motions shall be repeated within 15 minutes after either of them has been moved.

(7) Except as otherwise provided by the standing orders, the same rules of the conduct of senators and of debate, procedure, and the conduct of business shall be observed in committee as in the Senate, the Chairman of Committees being invested with the same authority as the President for the preservation of order, but disorder in a committee may be censured only by the Senate, on receiving a report.