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Chapter 20 Bills: 133 House Of Representatives Amendments To Senate Amendments

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133 House of Representatives amendments to Senate amendments

(1) When a bill is returned to the House of Representatives with amendments made by the House of Representatives on the Senate’s amendments disagreed to, the message returning the bill shall also contain reasons for the Senate not agreeing to the amendments proposed by the House of Representatives.

(2) The reasons shall be drawn up by a committee appointed for that purpose when the Senate adopts the report of the committee of the whole disagreeing to the amendments, or may be adopted by motion at that time.

(3) When further amendments are made by the Senate on the House of Representatives amendments on the Senate’s original amendments to a bill which has been first passed by the House of Representatives, a schedule of the further amendments shall be prepared, shall be certified by the Clerk and shall accompany the bill.

(4) The Clerk shall, at every stage, certify on the first page of the bill the action taken by the Senate.