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Divisions: Taking of divisions

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101 Taking of divisions

(1) Before a division is taken the Clerk shall ring the division bells for 4 minutes.

(2) The doors shall be closed and locked as soon after the bells cease ringing as the President directs, and then no senator shall enter or leave the chamber until after the division.

(3) When successive divisions are taken, and there is no debate after the first division, the bells for each ensuing division shall be rung for one minute only.

(4) When the doors have been locked, and senators are in their places, the President shall state the question to the Senate, and then direct the “ayes” to proceed to the right of the chair, and the “noes” to the left, and shall appoint one teller for each side.

(5) Every senator present when the question is stated shall vote, except the President, or the Chairman of Committees in the chair of a committee, for whom voting shall be optional.

(6) When a division has been called for, senators shall take seats on the side of the chamber on which they intend to vote, and shall not move from those seats after tellers have been appointed until the result of the division has been declared.